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#ThirstyThursday [Mrs. C. Osorio]

This week's G.O.A.T. Educator Thursday Thirst is @carlyisabel aka Mrs. Carly Osorio aka "Not Your Mamas Health Teacher"!!! I met this wonderful young lady in our "cohort" this summer with @kindasortateacher and her posts have inspired me to get my butt moving on a daily basis this summer!!

She curates a wonderful blend of humor, consistency, wisdom, and "Gen Z-ism" with all of her work and posts. She's one of those educators that scholars and teachers alike would make a point to just swing by her room/gym just to soak up a little bit of that sincere sunshine spirit that she exudes!

These are only a few of the types of posts, activities, and items that you will see and learn about when you follow her account:

- being a faith-based, super loving wife, and awesome dog momma

- practical day-to-day insight and teaching tips

- healthy eating and living how-tos and guides

- FREE relatable and engaging lessons and activities

- funnin' with her family and friends

- her TPT Store items [like her "GIF of the day" Google Slides and her "Gen Z GIF-tacular Getting to Know You Google Survey]

- and much more!!


She is one of those educators that you just KNOW is and will continue to make a difference in so many scholars' lives, so if you haven't already, please bless her page, her store, her journey with your presence and be sure to pass the word. @carlyisabel aka "Not Your Mamas Health Teacher" is soon to be at the top of quite a few people's Thursday Thirst list and every other "awesome-ness" list as well!!!



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