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T.G.I.F. "Great Item Friday" [Imagine Yourself as a... [Book Casing]

Today was the 1st time using Canva with my class and I gave them the option to use Google Slides as well. [baby steps]

You know how things don't always go exactly right in your first class of the day... welp, a few of my kiddos blew that concept completely out of the water!!! They friggin NAILED this assignment and then some!!

This is just ONE of the many that really went to town on this bad boy and I couldn't have been more proud of how they made this thing their own.

Get the full lesson here:

The Assignment:

Imagine Yourself as a Book Casing

The Directions:

- View this clip from Jason Reynolds. After watching, you will respond to his prompt in Step 3 and create your own book cover. []

PROMPT: Imagine yourself as a book. When the book jacket, or covering is removed, what is revealed about you?

CREATE: Your book jacket with the included template or with another platform of your choice. Edit the cover to your liking as you can change the color, add pictures, change the font, etc.

REMEMBER: To include what your book cover reveals about you.

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