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LESSON: Imagine Yourself as a... [Book Casing] - EDITABLE Template


This language arts and SEL lesson will have your scholars designing a book cover. 

- The book casing shows how the world sees them.

- Beneath the casing shows how they feel on the inside, which may change from day-to-day.


This can also align well with any book study, characterization, or setting lesson that you are using in your course as well. This project can also be used to:

- have your scholars design a cover for their all-time favorite book,

- be a quick project addition to any novel assignment,

- creating visual connections to main ideas in a book, or

- write a synopsis of the book and write a reflection of their design.


An easy-to-edit template is included so scholars can design unique book covers while staying within the parameters of typical novel size.


It is completely editable in Google Slides and in Canva, so you are able to add your own information.

LESSON: Imagine Yourself as a... [Book Casing]

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