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Saturday Shenanigans [#yogaainthelping]

"The sound my brain makes when someone asks about the end of my summer break..."

I'm feeling a little anxious because my kid begins high school this upcoming school year... which means that she REALLY has to be present in every moment so that she keeps up with the fast pace of classes, extracurricular activities, testing, deadlines, applications, show reservations, and on and on and on. SO yesterday when she told me that she'd scheduled her hair appointment with her stylist for this morning (without my prompting), I was like, "Okay. She just might be alright and ready for this part of her journey."

That leads to her 5:00 AM hair appointment that went well with them gossiping about what they've been up to over the last month or so. As we were leaving, her stylist asks that daggone question that sends the "summer teacher" in me into a dark corner to huddle and rock in denial.

"When do you start back to school?"

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE THIS PROFESSION! But to actively think about the "return to work" date was NOT on the agenda for this morning.

My response to this innocently asked query was,

"oohh, uh uh... i don't even know. like for real, for real don't even know."

Yup, I responded with exactly these words, in the lower case monotone voice. She and my kid laughed SO hard and didn't even pretend to be "laughing with me" but most definitely at me. 0_0


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