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Monday Mood [Remember to... HAVE FUN!]

"Just because the mission of teaching should be taken seriously, remember that there should be FUN in learning." - Shan Russell aka @goateducator

Regardless of the subject matter I am teaching or to who I am addressing, I always remember to have fun. I feel that it is UBER important that I feel the joy of the topic and then infuse that delight in the lesson which shines through to my audience. That feeling of connection then takes that experience to a whole other level. Don't forget that the added benefit includes your scholars and/or teammates having a better chance of retaining the information more long-term because the process has been an enjoyable and a memorable one.

Included below are some link to some amazing brain break sites and ideas along with a few that I've used in my class and trainings.

So above all... REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN!!!

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