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Monday Mood [Preparation]

"There is immense VALUE in the journey of working through mistakes on the path to success..." - Shan Russell aka @goateducator

I love the journey that occurs within "structured chaos"! This is when my scholars are given the problem and they are to solve it in their own way.

My first administrator senses' were initially overwhelmed when she walked into the "structured chaos" of my classroom. There were kiddos on the floor, some were at the board, there was a group outside the room... well you get the picture, right?? She had some brief moments of relief when my scholars were actually able to tell her the following:

- What they were learning about

- Where the resources were that they needed to learn and

- How they were going to show their understanding

Her comment after that was, "Okaaayyyy, Mrs. Russell... I'm trusting you on this but if those first benchmark scores aren't where they need be, we gotta re-work this whole process, okay?"

My response was simple, "You got it! They're gonna blow whatever you throw at them out of the water!"

Why did I trust the process? Because they were learning how to prepare themselves for any situation! They began to:

- understand how to face any situation, not just in the classroom,

- make a game plan

- work through their mistakes, and

- keep going until they were able to work it out!

Even if they were not 100% successful, they learned far more in that journey than they ever could by my giving them a simple grade that didn't value and acknowledge their process.

As an educator, a wife, a mom, and now as a teacherpreneur, I have to remind myself that preparation is key in this journey but that I should remember to value the work, the mistakes, and the overall path to success.

And oh yeah... my kiddos totally CRUSHED those benchmarks!!! DUH, right!!!! :)

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