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Monday Mood [Celebrate Each Other]

"Although praise is not needed for "just doing your job" but believe me, it is immensely appreciated when genuinely given." - Shan Russell aka @goateducator


I have had the pleasure and honor of working with some pretty phenomenal educators. Their passion and sincere commitment to their scholars is what made them so great, not necessarily the grasp of their respective subject matter. I would see these individuals:

- stay late to create and prepare that super special lesson/activity that they just know their scholars will love.

- learn something outside their subject matter to help with reinforcing the skill that they're having trouble within a particular unit for another professor

- spend their own money to buy those "extras" that would the lesson/activity just right

- contact guardians to give a "praise report" because that scholar was brave enough to offer an answer/question unprompted

- pop by their neighbors' class and ask if the professor would like a quick break by doing a duo class brain break

- bring treats on testing days for their colleagues just because

- and the list goes on and on and on.

Just know that that one small act may seem insignificant but please trust and believe me that it most certainly does not go unnoticed. Although I am not able to always be THAT teacher [and most don't necessarily strive to be], I do want to be known as an educator that doesn't lose sight of my reasons for pursuing this career. I want to leave the world a little bit of a better place by treating others like I'd want to be treated and by celebrating all the people in my life and celebrating as many moments as possible.

So don't forget... CELEBRATE Yourself and Each Other!!


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