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Spring Semester Vision Boards - One-Pagers


This lesson will have your scholars reflecting and looking forward to the awesome journey that awaits them. 


Your Spring Vision Board
During this time, you may be thinking a lot about how your life now compares to last semester.  You might be thinking about the things you miss and the. things you don't, the things you're looking forward to going back to, and the things you want to remember from this time and carry forward with you.


Creating a Vision Board
Creating a vision board is a chance to reflect on what you hope to do and who you want to be when this semester is over.


Some Ideas
Here are some ideas for what you might put on your vision board.
- Use some combination of your own words, quotes, pictures, sketches, special lettering, doodles, and memes. 
- Pick the mediums that best reflect your vision.


Create a section on your board that shows what you want to remember and bring forward from last semester. This section could reflect personal traits you have developed or strengthened, relationships that are important to you, skills you didn't know you. had until you needed them, ways of thinking about things.
Create a section on the board that reflects what you want to do during the spring semester that you couldn't before.
Create a section on the board that demonstrates HOW you want to be when all this school year is over.
Create a section on the board for new dreams and goals that have surfaced for you during the last semester.
Create a section on the board for what you hope your family, your peers, your teachers, and others learned from last semester and will carry those lessons forward.


The Reflection...
Reflection can occur during good times and during times of crisis. Hopefully, last semester has helped you to realize some things about yourself and what you want as this school year carries on.

Spring Semester Vision Boards - One-Pagers

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