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End of the Year Digital Class Memory Book

For this lesson, scholars will complete their personal Class Memory Book Page.

[EXAMPLE: 2020-2021 Class Memory Book Page [Gr8]]


Scholars can:

- use a picture of themself, pictures of themself with family and/or friends, a drawing, and/or a video for the image on their personal page. 


Scholars will also:

- give advice for the Rising Grade Class and include the things that they'd like to do and accomplish in their next grade.


Educators can then compile scholars' personal pages into one Google Slides doc that can be turned into an ebook that they can download and have for themselves.


Have Scholars Think About…


The moments that they’ve had during the school year.


How memories are not something that they only experience alone, but how they usually share them with significant others in their lives.


Consider how they always learn something from memories whether they are good or bad. Recall some of their favorite events from the past year. Once they have a substantial list, they can consider making their own personal Top 10 list of their most favorite things about the school year that is nearly over and that they’d want to include on their passport page.


Now consider the impact of sharing and seeing the memories of their peers and how they will carry those good things forward.

End of the Year Digital Class Memory Book

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