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Woman Crush Wednesday #educationedition [G. Russell]

Today's #educationedition #WCW hits completely different. My mini-me, one of my heartbeats, the one that solidified my "WHY" in this educational profession, my Grayson started high school today at a brand new school without any old friends in tow.

Philippians 4:13

"She has ALL the strength she needs to face anything because her strength comes from God."

When I was pregnant with my daughter, my job required me to travel quite a bit. I initially thought, "no problem. plenty of women travel and hold it down as moms." Yeahhhh, I wasn't that mom.

That whole cheesy sentiment that you hear about how when women hear their child's heartbeat, their whole lives change. Well, that moment was straight up truth for me.

SO, what profession would allow me to do something that I really love and would also allow for me to present in her life on a daily basis??? Education.

So me, G and her dad have been in this thang together from the beginning, job change and all, and I wouldn't change it for nothing!!!

You have one of the kindest and purest hearts of anyone that I have ever met, Grayson. Your smile lights up any room that you walk into. Your bravery and willingness to just put your true self out there makes me so super proud to be your momma. You led me into a career that I'd run from for a long time and I cannot thank you enough for making me a momma and for teaching me how to be a good educator! You will always be my most favorist-test GOATEducator @wolfcenntralzx! I LOVE YOU!!

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