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Tuesday Talk: this or that [summer funnies]

What do your "This OR THAT" choices say about you? Your personality? Your daily habits?


This is a quick activity to relieve stress, get to know your teammates a little bit, and just have some fun for 5-10 minutes.


Free Product Link:

My kiddos and my colleagues LOVE these quick little activities that give them a chance to share a little about themselves in a silly way. The giggles and the explanation of their "why's" always cause me to laugh out loud because the thought process is truly unique to each individual.

By scanning the QR Code, you will get a chance to complete the "Summer Funnies" THIS or THAT Google Forms activity and will also be able to get the link for the PDF version of it for FREE!!!

Once you are on "" website, you will also see that the editable Google Forms version is available for a 50% discount of just $1.00.

Personalize it with your Bitmoji, other images or to play it as is.

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