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Tuesday Talk: Cartoon Character Perspective

As we are discussing the importance of communication in its different forms, I threw in a small modification.

"Discuss your thoughts on this topic from the point of view and voice of your fav "SCHOOL and AGE" appropriate cartoon character."

The initial looks were ones of dismay and slight disbelief. After I gave my example with "Gumball" being my cartoon character of choice. THEN there were a few groans mixed in as replies.

It took them a couple of minutes but the giggles and the voices started rolling in and it took everything in me not to bust out laughing. **🤣 it's the smiling crinkly eyes and the finger-pointing for me 😂**

They truly enjoyed it, practiced communication in its different forms FROM a perspective that varied from their own... all while having just a tad bit of fun.

How would you "remix" a discussion activity? How do you add chunks of fun to your classroom that you think would be helpful to others???


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