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#ThirstyThursday [Mrs. S. Spencer]

This week's G.O.A.T. Educator Thursday Thirst is @teachcrafttech aka Mrs. Stephanie Spencer!!! I met this exceptional educator in our "cohort" this summer with @kindasortateacher and I am so enamored with her Tech Tip Tuesdays, her style, her professionalism, and just her pure authentic nature.

Have you ever "met someone" and just wished that you could work with them in real life so that just a little bit of their personal and professional awesomeness can rub off on ya... Well, this is one of those educators!!! Check out just a few of the things that you will see and learn about when you follow her account:

- being a very cool, involved, and nurturing wife and momma

- the overall style and consistency of her postings

- self-care and mental well being

- teaching strategies

- DIY Nails

- Crafting

- Teacher Gear

- her TPT Store items

- and more!!


So if you haven't already, please bless her page, her store, her spirit with your presence and be sure to pass the word. I'm sure that @teachcrafttech will top your Thursday Thirst list as well!!!



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