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Monday Mood ["Adults Work Here, Too???"]

I reported back to campus last week which was my first time back since March last school year. Yeahhhhh so I forgot that ummmm, adults work here, too...


We had a full-on, in-person convocation, we've had all in-person stuffed to capacity professional developments with adults who just cannot shut their traps, my campus was assigned a new principal 2 days before we reported back to work, my campus was literally JUST assigned a new assistant principal this morning, my campus' counselor has not made an appearance yet, the wifi in our building is TRASH... BUT, "MY Teacher Crew is in Full Effect!!!!!!"

These are the people that keep me grounded, that bring out the 'sillies' in a jacked-up situation, that remind me of my "WHY", and that just bring pure joy to my heart and spirit.

All that to say, I'm happy to be back and can't wait to get into the fray with my kiddos! Now, where did I put my school passwords???

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