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Monday Mood: Building Relationships

"Building genuine relationships are the true foundation of any partnership; the magic of teaching is found in moments like this." - Shan Russell aka @goateducator

This is just one of the images that I took on our campus' Professional Dress Day, which is when our scholars have a fully simulated day in the professional world. They fill out an application to interview for their desired job and present their resume to a panel of their peers. They have present and/or review their various projects in their other subject areas, as well as, review their professors' overall professionalism in comparison to what they learned throughout the preparation for and participation in the day.

My  @cedarhillisd  @CH_Collegiate  @CHCollegiate  Village!!! ...thank you Mr.  @CAMSMusicBoss  & Mr. Johnson for helping my gentlemen keep their "tie game" on point today! #ProfessionalDressDay #softskills #groomingleaders
Monday Mood: Building Relationships

Of everything that occurs throughout the day, this part is my absolute favorite. My campus "Village" jumped right in to help my gentlemen keep their "tie game" on point that day when I was not able to! My ladies asked for tips on how they could "upgrade" their attire from their female professors and it was a very magical and humble thing to witness... there was no hesitance and only pure joy in assisting our scholars throughout that day.

Subject matter is very important, but THIS, these soft skills and genuineness is where our scholars learn the lessons that they will remember and cherish far beyond what they made on this year's state test.

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